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How to turn off and delete activity history from your windows 10 timeline?

Microsoft added a new feature saving your activity details in Microsoft account, this window 10 Timeline feature was added in Windows Update (10 April 2018).

Windows 10 collects all activities record which is performed by you, It also includes opened files and web pages and all type of activity you have viewed in your PC. You can turn off this Timeline feature and remove all activities from your windows 10 timeline.

Windows 10 timeline can synchronize your activities with the help of your computer and save on your timeline.

Now let us check how to delete or hide the history of activities on your Windows 10 timeline.

  1. First Click on the Start menu and then type the Settings in a search box and click on settings.


You can directly use the command (window + I) and setting page is open.

type settings in search box

  1. Click on Privacy Option.

click on privacy option

  1. Click on Activity History.

click on activity history

To stop activities from synchronizing to your PC, Use toggle button for controlling Microsoft account that appears under “Show activities from accounts” to the click “Off” to stop it.

turn off timeline activity

  1. For remove all the current activities from your Timeline, click the “Clear” button under the “Clear activity history.” Option.

Then Press “OK” button option to confirm it.

click on clear button

  1. You can also use your “Microsoft Account ” to manage or delete activity History.

manage microsoft account


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