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What Is URL Shortening And How Do You Create A Short URL?

Shortening of URLs has become very popular, where the length of characters is a major restriction. URL shortening is used to avoid the character limit where we have an option to write the limited character in this case we use this method.

What is URL shortening?

URL shortening means that instead of typing the original long URL in the browser, users now have to only type its shortened version. URL shortening technique allows a user to access a particular webpage using its equivalent shortened address instead of the actual web address.

It’s not only making the URL shorter but it also easy to remember.

URL shortening helps to access blocked website

If any website is blocked by your firewall and you can’t access this website. You make your blocked URL shortened with the help of URL shortening website. When you use the shortened version of the URL, local firewall thinks that the user is trying to access the shortening URL website, but in reality, a user connected with the blocked URL. Short link improves the user experience and encourages to sharing. It also increases the brand awareness.

Some popular URL shortening websites are :

Steps to create a short URL

Step 1 –

Open your browser and connect to any URL shortening website. In this case, we use bit.ly.

Once you open the website, simply you should enter the requested URL which you want to shorten.

bitly url shortener

The website will display the shortened URL and you can copy it.

With the help of tiny.cc

url shortening with tinycc

after entering the long URL you can click on shorten button.

shortened url tinycc preview

Step 2 –

Copy and paste the shortened URL into any browser and place on any social media platform. When you click on this short URL you redirect to the actual webpage.


Check your shortened link is safe or not

We don’t know any information about the shortened URL. so we can’t judge the shorten URL is useful or not. Some shortened URL can be misused by a criminal to redirect the victim to the malicious website for stealing or phishing purposes.  you can easily identify the destination of the short URL and confirm this is not redirected to any malicious website. For security reasons, firstly users preview a link before opening or viewing it in the browser and confirm about the URL destination.

For bitly-      add ‘+’ symbol after a shortened version of URL

check your link is safe

after adding a + symbol you can see the preview of the original URL

preview of shortened url

Tinycc-      add ‘=’ symbol after the URL

Tunyurl-       adds a preview. after HTTP://


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