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What Is Processor?

what is processorThe term processor is related to the heart of the computer, also referred to as a  ‘brain’ of the computer. A processor is a little chip that resides in computer systems and other electronic peripheral devices which perform basic tasks such as processor handle all the arithmetical and mathematical computations such as addition, subtraction, multiplying, and dividing.


“A processor that manages the performance of the software and hardware of the computer system .”

We also called as the CPU, or “central processing unit.” This is the combinations of ALU “Airthmatic and logical unit” and CU “control Unit” which functions in term of following

  • Ability to handle all the operations being carried out.
  • Manage Communication between the memory and the ‘ALU’ arithmetic logic unit.
  • Perform logical operations and also responsible for Equal-to operations, Less-than condition and greater than conditional operations.

“There are many types of processors available in the market. Its speed is usually one of the first things considered when buying a new computer. The type of processor and its working speed have the largest impact on the overall system performance and working of a computer. Its performance is directly relating to its speed of operation and its architecture. The speed of a computer processor measured in megahertz or cycles per second.”


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