google chrome hidden features

Top 5 Google Chrome Hidden Features

Do you Know Google chrome is the world’s most successful web browser, used by millions of people every day?

yes, it is true chrome released in 2008 and recently turned 10 this year since then we have always seen better versions of our most popular browser with each new update. It is more reliable, easy to use them effectively and you could end up saving time, battery life and data.

so we discuss google chrome hidden features and secret tricks to make the better of our browsing experience, you may have not known about yet.

Google chrome Hidden features

Download Mp3 direct link

Most of the people like to download our favorite music songs in the film’s collection. Google Chrome can really be of a more reliable help if you’re like to download mp3 songs on your system.

Copy this link on Chrome search bar: intitle: index.of?mp3 [followed by film song name]

you will surprise to see the search results. an index file link see on screen you can directly right click on the song title name and select on “Save Link As” to download favorite mp3 on your PC.

index mp3 feature

Chrome Calculator

chrome calculatorWhen you were unable to do to solve complicated mathematical calculations and rechecking personal calculations Chrome can be at your quickest service.No need to use your phone or open the calculator app anymore. You can use Chrome’s search bar to do simple mathematical calculations and get accurate results.


Use Chrome as an image viewer

Google chrome is also a suitable platform for image viewing just quickly drag and drop your image in a chrome browser and get a surprising result.

chrome image viewer

Use Chrome media player

You can use Chrome as a browser, not of many people know about use chrome as a media player, yes it’s true you can use chrome as media player just simply drag and drop your media files and get media player experience.

chrome media player

You can use it to play most simple audio files, video files, and others media files formats.

Chrome welcomes to Stellar Neighborhood

Stellar Neighborhood is a website 100000 stars in the universe. If you open it on the Google Chrome browser, you can explore a whole amazing universe in there full of stars and planets, and you can listen to amazing audios here.

chrome stellar feature

This is one of amazing Chrome’s experiments and the website runs on amazing Javascript hacks which are only compatible on Google Chrome.


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