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Send Secure Email With Gmail Confidential Mode 2018

Gmail is rolling out massive changes to its most usable Email platform, Gmail comes with new features a snooze email, a new inbox design and a ‘ Gmail confidential mode’ that protects outgoing emails from copied, forwarded, printed or downloaded.

Google added a bunch of features in 2018 in which users will be able to select “default”, “comfortable” and “compact” mode for the inbox.

If the user wants to go back to the previous version of Gmail, users can click on “Settings” icon on the top right side corner and select Go back to classic Gmail option.

go back to previous versiontry new gmail version

This is the biggest update of Gmail, which comes with a new design and confidential feature.

The Confidential Mode is a privacy feature of Gmail that helps you to send secure email with an expiration date. New Gmail Confidential Mode is a major change for those who are concern about data privacy and want to keep it safe. If the email is labeled as Confidential mode than it can not be copied, forwarded, printed or downloaded.

Now let’s discuss briefly all the steps to enable the new Gmail confidential mode :

To get started, you will need the new updated Gmail. You can enable new Gmail by clicking on the Settings icon and choose the “Try new Gmail” option. Once activated, the Gmail page will reload with the new interface.

Step 1.

click on the compose email option and fill out all the fields recipient, subject, and the email body.

Step 2.

At the end of the compose box, you will see a lock icon with a clock sign.


On clicking, a pop-up menu will appear of the confidential mode, where you can set custom expiration limit from 1 day to 5 years.

Below expiration limit, there will be two option on the screen, which requires a passcode for security purpose. These two options are:

  • SMS Passcode
  • No SMS Passcode

set passcode method and expiration limit

Step 3.

If you opt for no SMS passcode option than your email will be directly sent to the recipient inbox with the selected expiration limit. it looks like:

no sms passcode option

click to send.

Step 4.

Setting a passcode makes the email more secure. And if you opt for SMS passcode than it requires phone number of the recipient.

sms passcode option

After completing the confidential mode process, click the Save button. Once you are completed with your email, click Send.  Shortly mail will be sent to the receiver for verification.

This step is for receiver only-

Step 5.

First, verify your identity by the receiver.

verify identity

When the receiver gets an email for verification than receiver has to enter a passcode.

passcode enter by receiver

This will be one- time procedure but in future, for using same email id there will be no confirmation required. After confirmation, you can see the message.

after confirmation see your message

Receiving these confidential emails is coherent, if the recipient is unable to see the email within limited expiry date then an entire message will get disappear. Here’s what it looks like:

expired email

The email is valid and read by the receiver until the email expires, so we can say that a confidential mode is a good option for data protection which contains sensitive information.


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