save webpage as pdf

How To Save Webpage As PDF

There are the different number of websites available on the internet that can convert a website into different formats.

Save Webpage as PDF

Is it possible to access blocked website on the internet?

Let us assume that any website ( is blocked by your company and college, but you want to read a news story on this website. In this condition, you can convert your website into pdf format and download the copy of that website.

Sometimes being online is not possible and internet access is not available while traveling. In this condition, you can save webpage as pdf format and you can access your page like any other document.

Different type of tools is available in the market which helps in convert webpage into pdf. Some tools are :

  1. Firstly open your web browser and type
  2. When the website is open then you need to go to the particular website which you want to convert into pdf. Copy the requested (blocked URL) URL of a website and paste in pdfmyurl.comwebsite url to pdf formatFor athenapdf.compdf converter tool
  3. After clicking on the convert button, within a few seconds the website pdfmyurl will allow you to download a pdf version of the requested webpage. You can download and read the blocked page in pdf version.

Save Web page as Image allows users to convert a webpage into a png image. You can save your webpage as an image.

convert webpage into png image



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