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How To Check Your Smartphone Is Original Or Clone?

If you are planning to buy a smartphone than this information is really useful for you because nowadays various companies cloned smartphones are available in the market, some called them “copies” or “Fake”. Originals and copied smartphones look alike, you cannot identify them by just checking the specifications, shape, and design of the phone, but even then, there is always a difference. There are many ways by which you can pick out your phone is genuine or not.

IMEI Number

This method is the simplest way to check your Mobile Phone is genuine or fake. Every smartphone is associated with a unique identification number called IMEI or international mobile Equipment identity number.

IMEI consist of 15 digit code which verifies the legitimacy of a mobile phone.

The IMEI number consists of three type of code – the leading 8-digit is remembered as TAC (Type Allocation Code) represents the device model type, the other next 6-digit represents SNR (Serial Number) and the last one digit is called CD (check digit) or SD (spare digit). If your phone has a 16-digit IMEI number, then the last two digits will represent the software version of the phone.

You can check IMEI number, follow these simple steps to check the legitimacy of any phone.

  1. Just look at the mobile box or below the battery (if removable) to check the IMEI number of your phone.
  2. You can also dial *#06# on your mobile phone to find your IMEI number.
  3. Then visit website and enter the IMEI number at the given box.

enter your imei number

If the website displays all the details of your phone, then your phone is genuine but if the website will show “Invalid IMEI NO. ”, then your phone may not be genuine or someone has squeezed the IMEI lookup manually.

get your mobile details

 Quality Checking

While purchasing a smartphone you should choose a trusted seller. Before purchasing you should know the particular model number of that phone, available colors in the market, special features offered by manufacture company.

Most of the mobile phone’s batteries and chargers look very similar, making it difficult to identify it is original or not, you should know before purchasing that only genuine mobile phone companies offer a limited warranty that covers the phone and accessories.

Before buying your selected phone, you can visit the mobile phone manufacturer website and then reconfirm the specifications of your phone.


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