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Google Maps Adds Commute Tab And In-App Music Feature

Do you love to play music while on the move? Google Maps rolling out a new feature for commuters with a commute tab that support in-app music feature for music lovers including the facility for music playback controls in the app.

music while travelingIf you have Google Play Music, Apple Music, or Spotify user you will be able to control playback music from within the navigation Google map app.

The Commute tab helps to find your best common route, along with time calculations based on current traffic situations. If there is a traffic delay, the tab will provide alternate routes and also, you will get notifications about traffic delays as they occur. Google maps are also adding more information about traffic delays, train departures, and foot traffic into an overall commute estimate time traveling.

google map commute tab

Probably the commute tab feature is available in “80 regions in the world,” Maps will provide you exact location where your bus or train is before it’s arrived. All you need to do update your Google map app from the Play Store or App Store to get started.


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