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How To Create Bootable Pendrive Using CMD

Today’s there are various techniques to install Windows in our PC, but installing windows through Bootable USB Pendrive is one of the simplest and modern ways to install all the version of  Windows, if we are not installing windows in our PC with the help of USB Pendrive there are other popular options like CD/DVD drive but installing Windows through CD/DVD drive has gone from the professional market. Many of the users want to install windows OS with the help of a bootable pen drive. So we discuss all the steps to create a bootable Pendrive using cmd.

We want to create bootable USB Pendrive for installing windows operating system. It is the very easy method of installing windows on the PC/laptop with the help of USB Drive.

In this post, we discuss all of the popular techniques to generate bootable Pendrive for Windows Operating System.

Using CMD on Windows (Pendrive bootable command)

create bootable Pendrive via CMD

pendrive bootable commands

  1. Insert your Pendrive in the computer USB port, make sure it’s working condition.
  2. Open (CMD) Command Prompt From the Start Menu Or Type CMD in Search Box.
  3. Run CMD as an Administrator.
  4. Type ‘Diskpart’ Command and press ENTER

(Wait for Diskpart program run)

  1. To determine the USB flash drive number, type ‘list disk’ and press ENTER

Note: Now, select your Pendrive, if you are using 4GB Pendrive then you will see the size 3.80 GB  on the disk list, from there find it from the list of the disk.

  1. To select the disk, Type ‘Select disk 2’ and Press ENTER.

Note: If you see I have entered disk 2 because it’s showing 2 for my Pendrive, type that as the given format.

  1. Type ‘Clean’ Command and press ENTER

Note: This command erases all data from the USB drive.

  1. Type ‘Create partition primary’ Command and Press ENTER.

Note: Create a new primary partition on the USB drive.

  1. Type ‘select partition 1’ Command and Press ENTER

Note: Select the partition that you presently created.

  1. Type ‘active’ command and press ENTER.

Note: Make the selected partition active.

  1. type ‘format fs=ntfs quick’ Command and Press ENTER

Note: This will format the drive with the NTFS file system.


  1. In case you need to format the USB drive as FAT32 rather than as NTFS

Type ‘format fs=fat32 quick’  Command and press ENTER.

Note: unless do not use this command.

  1. type ‘assign’ Command and Press ENTER.

Note: allow a new drive letter to the USB drive and making it accessible.

  1. Finally, Press ‘exit’ Command and press ENTER.


  1. USB drive minimum 8 GB storage capacity.
  2. Windows ISO file (You Got From Windows DVD)


Download ISO file from the following link

For Windows 7

For Windows 10

you have successfully created a working bootable USB pen drive,  you need the installation files,  if you have CD/DVD of windows, copy them to your disk and then move them to the Pendrive directly.


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