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Android Oreo Is Most Popular Version Of Android

Android Oreo is the One of the Most Admired Version of Android. It is Generally Available in Market August 21, 2017. It’s the latest Release Version 8.1.0 Released on June 19, 2018.

About Android Oreo 8.0 and 8.1

Android Oreo is the most Popular and Stable version of its mobile operating system today, it comes on most newer phones which are based on the Android platform.

Android oreo is now becoming the most demanded version of the Android operating system it works 10.1 percentage of devices.

If you Buy mid-range of the flagship smartphone it will probably come with Oreo. Thus, we need to learn about this new Android platform and know the android oreo features.

What are the android Oreo features?

Oreo Android 8.0 focuses primarily on its speed and efficiency.

According to testing with google pixel Get completed on your favorite tasks more quickly with double the boot speed.

Oreo also helps to minimize your background activity of apps that use minimum time.

Android oreo helps autofill your password activities it remembers your login activity and helps get into the app much fast speed.

Oreo also provides Picture-in-picture mode for doing two things in one it allows you to access two apps in one time.

A notification dots on apps icons offers a colorful reminder to the users check out yours apps reminders.

Now let’s discuss android Oreo features version 8.0 and 8.1

Picture -in –Picture

Nougat comes with a native feature split screen but the android oreo comes with the picture-in-picture mode. When you’re watching a video in a mobile app like media players, click the Home button and the media player become a small window on the screen. You can then open any other app like email or even play games while watching the video.

Picture-in-picture mode also works with other apps like Facebook, Play store, Media players, Google Maps, Telegram, Duo etc.

picture in picture feature


If you used google chrome you are already aware of autofill feature in this browser so Google has framework dedicated to managing your login details for websites when you visit again. Android Oreo included this feature in your smartphones.

Android oreo helps autofill your password activities it remembers your login activity and helps get into the app much fast speed.

autofill feature

Notification Dots

There are so many features added by android developer related to notifications. Notification Dots are small dots that show on application folders or apps notify about new notifications, such as email or message. tap and hold the app icon, and it shows the notification.

A notification dots on apps icons offers a colorful reminder to the users you can manage feature for snooze notifications you can stop 15 minutes up to 2 Hours by swiping left side. It provided to access your notification settings, which enables you have configured your notifications.

notification dots

Notification Channel

Notifications are one of the latest features in Android oreo. Android Oreo new feature called notification channels which are useful for both developers and users.

notification channels help to sort notification according to user need, For example, An flight booking app has one channel for discounts on airfare and the other channels for important flight alerts.

From Settings, select an app from the App Info screen and go to the Notifications section, where you can choose between five different types of alerts: No sound or visual disturbance etc.

notification channel

Android Oreo Wi-Fi strength

Oreo 8.1 is the latest update of Android, Google announced an amazingly important feature that is usable for all those users who are suffering from slow Wi-Fi connections, particularly those in public areas.

you will able to compare the network strength and speed of all Wi-Fi networks. Signal strength status will be shown on the Wi-Fi icon, and a full icon means the signal is stronger.

Enable this feature you go to Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi Preferences.

oreo wi-fi strength

Express yourself with Emoji

 Somehow, Android emojis turned into a controversial debate, where obviously, both sides had a sound design opinion.

Android Oreo is redesigned some emoji set, include over 60 new emoji you can share the emotions with a fully redesigned emojis.

emoji features

How can I update Android Oreo?

Oreo has arrived on many of the biggest flagship smartphones in the past few months, including the Primary Phone, and several users around the world are currently enjoying the new software on the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, LG G6, LG V30, Nokia 8 and more.

When Android Oreo update is available for your smartphone the software will be started to your phone automatically. To check if your phone is ready for the update, go to Settings, About Phone and click System Updates.







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